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About Us

Çelik & About Çelik & Çelik Law and Consulting Firm

Since 2009, We continue to carry our works as an honest, disciplined, client focused and transparent firm. In this process, along with achieving great successes, we have won cases on Administrative Law, Tax Law, Commercial Law, Real Estate Law that has no existing equals in Turkey and with final decisions, we have created a tremendous impressions as “Çelik & Çelik Partners Law Firm”, the first law firm to win these new cases.  As a result, we specialized on a variety of fields of law. And, we have succeeded with you, our valuable clients.

We specialized on Administrative Law, Tax Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law, Obligations Law, Penal Law, Law of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights, Family Law, Real Estate Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Insurance Law, Compensation Law by achieving a great success on the cases we take.
Representing international and local firms, financial institutions and natural entities on international standards about their legal needs, “Çelik & Çelik Partners Law Firm” has adopted the principle of legal fight based on respect for human rights and the principles of the state of law. Our firm provides service on every field that a natural or legal entity needs legal defending. Giving a great importance to on-job-training, “Çelik & Çelik Partners Law Firm” has experienced and qualified staff on the fields that the firm provides service. Also, by co-operating with academicians on the fields that it provides service, our firm gives the solutions that clients need and improves them using a large legal knowledge. 
“Çelik & Çelik Partners Law Firm” has the capacity of protecting the rights ıf its clients and carrying all kinds of legal works on national and international platforms. Also, we enable big, renowned firms to carry out their activities on a stable legal base by providing them a consultancy service and eliminating their legal problems.

In conclusion, as a result of a prior review made by our expert lawyers on legal problems you are exposed, we come up with a solution in a healthy process by providing you, our valuable clients with a consultancy service and by doing the necessary operations that is lawful. We carry out the legal questions and problems of our clients with our experienced, expert lawyers in the field with the solutions we determined instant or long term according to concrete cases. In the solution of legal disputes and problems, our firm provide legal help on legal representation and legal proceedings that has been or will be started. Thereby, we represent our clients in the best way possible.

Our firm aims to provide comprehensive, professional and high-quality legal services in plain English that is easy to understand. When we provide our clients with Advocacy and Legal Advice services, we foresee that not only to solve the current disputes but also to prevent the occurrence of possible disputes and to take legal measures against them as the basis of our working principle.