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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law, which differs in terms of its subjects, contains economic terms. For this purpose, public use is commonly presented to you on many locations like land, field, apartment, business building and housing. The first condition field of law that deals with t... continue reading

Commercial Law

Commercial Law is one of the fields where lawyers have difficulty in practicing and the main reason why they have difficulty is the fact that in our country trade is still carried out with feelings. Thus, there is not enough concrete evidence that lawyers can find.continue reading

Tax Law

Tax law shows itself as a branch of public law. In the parts that are included in this section, legal part of the financial activities of the government is surveyed. Being a branch of fiscal law, tax law is examined in sub-section. Here, the sections allocated as Tax... continue reading

Penal Law

Our office particularly provides services as defence attorney for the actions that count as a crime because of the Turkish penal code and other special laws and claimant’s attorney as well as other kinds of penal cases.
Apart from actions considered as crim... continue reading

Obligations Law

Obligations law is a body of rule that regulates obligatio between entities (natural/private). If obligor doesn’t fulfil his/her debt, obligee may receive his/her claim with government enforcement by using his/her right to file a suit. If obligor doesn’t f... continue reading

Labor Law

We provide various services to our clients in the framework of labor law and work legislation. Managing the relation between employer and employee, preparation of labor contracts, forming a method concerning recruitment and displacement, resolving the disputes between... continue reading


About Us

Since 2009, We continue to carry our works as an honest, disciplined, client focused and transparent firm. In this process, along with achieving great successes, we have won cases on Administrative Law, Tax Law, Commercial Law, Real Estate Law that has no existing equals in Turkey and with final decisions, we have created a tremendous impressions as “Çelik & Çelik Partners Law Firm”, the first law firm to win these new cases.  As a result, we specialized on a variety of fields of law. And, we have succeeded with you, our valuable clients.

We specialized on Administrative Law, Tax Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law, Obligations Law, Penal Law, Law of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights, Family Law, Real Estate Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Insurance Law, Compensation Law by achieving a great success on the cases we take.
Representing international and local firms, financial institutions and nat...