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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law, which differs in terms of its subjects, contains economic terms. For this purpose, public use is commonly presented to you on many locations like land, field, apartment, business building and housing. The first condition field of law that deals with this is the law of property. The law of property has a wide area. Because of that, it has many parts on attorneyship services. These include the lawsuits resulted from mortgage disputes, actions of replevin, expropriation lawsuits, the lawsuits of the determination of the rental price, pre-emption lawsuits, the deed cancellation and registration lawsuits. The personnel, taking the lawsuit, must be legal expert or an academician. The institutions that will provide a consultancy service must ensure the quality continuity of litigation service in all areas.

- Flat for land methods on Construction Contracts
If you own a land and If there is a house on this land, the contractors may give you a proposal with some terms. Therefore, the proposal must be considered and viewed carefully. Among them, they may want to get you sign a purchase contract for your house or your land for a flat in return. It is useful to sign these contracts with the consultants who have a comprehensive knowledge on real estate law. Providing consultancy and litigation service, our firm will ensure that your service will have a continuity. 

- Purchase Contracts Through Real Estates
The real estate purchase contract is officially made in Land Registry Office by rule. Before the preparation of this contract, you can get help from an attorney to examine the land register of the real estate property and avoid the possible damage.
Before the real estate purchase contract, the parties can make a preliminary contract for sale at the notary. This contract will be a commitment between the parties for a property that will be bought or sold. With a preliminary contract like this, you will be guaranteed in the first step. This would also be a contract known as the request of a purchase contract for the real estate property. Consulting an expert on this matter would help you ensure that you can make legally reliable transactions without fail. Making purchase and preliminary contracts with expert attorneys in the field will enable you to establish your deed of sale on legal basis and prevent you from being victimized due to legal problems that may arise in the future.

- Deed Annulment and Land Registration Case
The subject of the court being land registration means that you can file a deed cancellation case, if you are faced with a property that is changed after the land registration or no longer healthy. Not being healthy anymore will be the first clause of the subject. Apart from that the cancellation request can be made in cases in which the deed records are inconsistent with law. These cases should include subjects that has to be reorganized in terms of measurement like property, its geographic location and situation. Our expert staff will help you with the support they give on deed cancellation and land registration cases.

- Dispute on Flat Ownership
Another subchapter that real estate law deals is the flat ownership problem. In this matter, there can be problems related with the administration of the main property. The important thing in here is that in order to provide legal counselling and litigation services that will result in a legal outcome, a case can be considered for the annulment of the board decisions of the flat owners. The establishment of flat ownership will be the solution for any dispute managed by the main real estate. In addition to the consultancy services we provide for the disputes in flat ownership, we provide consultancy service for many housing estates.

- Adequate Pay (Occupancy caused by third parties)
For the reasons of occupation and use, the case will be open to change the property back to its situation before it was occupied. In case of the occupation of the real estate by third parties, a remedial action can be requested. In this way, you can acquire the possible income basis of the property and the loss of income that caused the compensation with this case. In the cases for adequate pay, we provide legal support and consultancy service to prevent illegal occupancy.

- Determination and Adaptation of Rental Fee of the Property
We prepare rental agreement viable for almost all conditions. However, in the case of changing conditions and situations of the parties, there can be disputes on adaptation of rental agreement. In this regard, the declaratory lawsuit of the determined rent on the contract can be resulted from problems like not mentioning the accrual of the rent. When you encounter such problems, we ensure that the fixation and adaption of the contract in respect to the current conditions, by eliminating the legal gaps in the contract.

- Other Fields that the Real Estate Law Deals With
Eviction cases are another subject that is an addition for the other sub-fields that the real estate law deals with. In addition, possessory actions can be another sub-field of this branch. Building and ending limited rights like usufruct, habitation, preemption in the same way is among the subjects that require proceedings. Necessary and detailed information on real estate law will serve you well in terms of consultancy services. In the case of continuation of the service before it comes to a conclusion, our firm will help you claim your right against people who illegally hold your property. Consultancy service is provided for all sub-fields of real estate law.

1. Adequate pay cases,
2. Possessory actions,
3. All lawsuits related to establishment of easement,
4. Lawsuits caused by mortgage disputes,
5. Action for recovery of property,
6. Action for elimination of joint ownership,
7. Confiscation Cases,
8. Disputes caused by condominium ownership act,
9. Action for fixation of the rental price,
10. Action for preemption,
11. Deed annulment and land registration cases,
12. The litigation of the disputes between directorate of land registry and persons,
13. Actions for the correction of existing errors in the land registry records,
14. Actions for evacuation and all kinds of disputes that may arise from all real estate law.

1. The control and preparation of the contracts of sale and purchase,
2. Determination of the real estate properties suitable for your financial condition and request,
3. Real estate finance consultancy,
4. Real estate valuation service,
5. The control and preparation of the preliminary contract for sale,
6. Real estate property transactions, rental and legal counselling for foreigners to acquire real estate,
7. Research and evaluation for the legal status and financial situation of the real estate property,
8. Monthly control of the rental payments of the real estate property and annual control in terms of real estate and rental income,
9. Legal status detection report,
10. The control and preparation of mortgage agreements,
11. Operations on mortgage and pledge identification,
12. The control and preparation of construction contracts,
13. Performing the necessary actions in the presence of relevant public institutions and organizations,
14. The control and preparation of construction contracts in return for flat,
15. The control and preparation of rental agreements,
16. Consultancy on disputes arising from the condominium law,
17. Analyzing the regulations closely and informing the clients about the issue,
18. Controlling the compatibility of the project to the environmental legislation,
19. Attorneyship or brokerage service for the properties that will be purchases or sold,
20. Title deed transactions,
21. The preparation of rental agreement of your real estate properties by our lawyers for assuring the legal security and brokerage services on rental properties,
22. Legal consultancy service before the transaction for local and foreign natural and legal entities to minimize the risk of the sale with a risk analysis,
23. The preparation of a management plan,
24. Providing consultancy services in the office, by phone or in writing, only during working hours.